Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags – in 10 seconds.

Do I put the used Christmas cards in the bin with the prawn heads after Christmas is done?  Leave them to gather dust for a while? Read them again?  (Yes, hello person whose kids’ names I can’t read and don’t remember!)   I like Christmas cards but it takes a lot of effort to get your act together to send them!    So I still send them to dear and distant frioends and family, but not to the peeps I see all the time.

Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags ready for next year.

I love to receive them and really appreciate the time it has taken the sender, but I always have a twinge of guilt in this week between Christmas and New Year – when I clean sweep them off the bookshelf.  What to do with them?


Let’s face it, the paper recycle bin is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Plus – I’m waaay to relaxed, but also too busy, to do anything tooo dramatic and complicated.  So every year now, when I have 5 minutes spare, I do this.

Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags – in 10 seconds.

  • Required – Scissors, a hole-punch if you have it (or a skewer or just the scissors.)
  • Gather all your used Chrismas Cards.
  • Separate the ones that have writing on that left hand inside page (you can’t use those).  Chuck ’em.
  • Look at the design on the front, and cut out any major picture, or part of it.  You may get one, two or more from one card.  ( Or none, some cards are pretty awful).
  • Try to cut straight, but really, who cares.  You can cut the designs in any shape, and even cut designs in half….If the picture is large, I often get two or three small ones out of it.  This one I kept the whole JOY design.  Cute!
  • 20161227_235516073_ios


  • Any shape is fine, as long as it’s fairly symmetrical. Any size is fine but I find half the card or smaller, is best.
  • Punch a whole in one top corner, or skewer the corner, cut a diamond in the corner, or not…you can always sticky tape the tag from one corner too.  Put them with your Christmas wrapping paper ready for next year.

The nicest thing about these tags is that they make the present look lush!  I choose a tag that matches, in colour, with the gift, and use ribbon to attach it through the hole, or tape it by a corner.  And there it is.  Takes about 10 seconds per card. Could be a fun thing for the kids to do in the school holidays!




Recycled christmas card gift tags
Recycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

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