List – less.

The first rule of mental health should be to learn to scribble things down. While your ‘ever so neat’ spouse might criticise you for the abundance of post-it notes and scraps of paper everywhere, at least he/she won’t have to pay for psychiatric counselling every time you go on holiday or host the extended family for Christmas at your place. … More List – less.

Resolution Amnesia – the New Year’s Syndrome.

Most resolutions last about as long as the bang of the crackers at midnight. I’m pretty sure it’s a syndrome, New Year’s Amnesia. This enigmatic phenomena is not caused by alcohol or drugs, but our inability to plan our way out of a wet paper bag. For some people, who are unable to plan a drink in a brewery at the best of times, it is nigh impossible to forge ahead with a resolution. … More Resolution Amnesia – the New Year’s Syndrome.